I never could imagine that a 2-year-old would have a need for using the computer. But that was certainly before I had 4 kids, all clamoring for me to finish my work for the day so that they could "use the 'puter, Momma, PLEASE!" And while my older kids have gotten the hang of browsing parent-approved educational sites and using CD-ROM's as a change of pace from their normal Home Education curriculums, my 2-year-old gets so frustrated when he tries to do anything with the computer!

So imagine my amazement when we test drove the Easy PC by Comfy for the first time. With a very quick set up (just install the CD and plug the keyboard into an available USB port), my little guy was using the computer on his own! At first I couldn't quite understand the allure. Used on the the easiest setting, it was a combination of colors, sounds, and visual rewards for every time Matthias pushed a button. But after awhile, he settled deep into my pleather office chair for some serious computer time! We tried again on the second setting, and words accompanied the colors, shapes, weather patterns, and telephone calls to friends (yes a toy phone is included!) While there weren't exactly any traditional "games" to play on the easier settings, there was definitely something going on. Matthias would repeat everything he heard, and soon he was really connecting things! (And I have to mention that the PC shows great promise to engaging children in the 3 C's: Curiosity, Challenge, and Confidence. Read more about the 3 C's HERE.) His favorite word is now "flute," and he says it all the time!

We also had the opportunity to try another program for the Easy PC with my older son. At 4 years old, he was already using the computer regularly, with little assistance. But I would often times find that he had accidentally closed out a program, moved my desktop icons, or had trouble with the mouse. The Animal World software was a perfect fit for my son! A variety of worlds (Earth, Water, Forst and Snow) provide wonder and learning through puzzles, music, stories, and games! A special overlay for the keyboard made the new game compatible with our existing Easy PC keyboard, and the game installed just as easily as the original! I let him use the Easy PC with no worry of harmful changes to my computer system.

Now we have another child begging to use the computer. And while this could annoy me, I am thrilled that they all want to learn in such an exciting way! The Comfy Easy PC is designed for children ages 1-5, and the useful software finder tool can help you to get started! Want to try before you buy? Visit their interactive demo to see the Easy PC through the eyes of your child!

This award-winning product is available online at the Comfy website and other online retailers!

Wanna win one? One lucky Lille Punkin' Reader will get their very own Easy PC from Comfy! Just visit this link at the Comfy website, and tell us in the comments below: What age child you would like to win this for, and what software would be appropriate for them based on the handy developmental chart! You have two weeks to enter, and we will pick one lucky reader to receive the prize on November 9th! Giveaway is subject to our giveaway rules HERE.