We have quite a few vehicles on our farm, admittedly.  We have a car, van, truck, and Suburban, all used for different needs.  We only have a one-car garage, however.  That means that whatever vehicle we don't have in the garage needs to be covered up to keep the dirt, sun, and weather from wearing paint, or making start-up difficult.

We were lucky enough to try out a cover from Empire Covers this past week, and it was our F-250 Ford truck that we tried it on.  The cover was heavy when it arrived!  It was made of a very durable material, and the color of the cover was plain (which I appreciated.)  I had to have a little help getting the cover out to put in on the vehicle, but it takes two people to put a regular tarp on, anyway.  There was elastic going all around the cover, helping to hold it in place once we got in on.

These truck covers come with everything needed to use -- no need for additional straps or cords!  They don't tear easy like some cheap covers or tarps, they really could last a long time!  I also really liked that we could specify the exact make and model of our truck, and the cover that came was suited perfectly to the length and height of our vehicle.  While you could get fancy with your covers (they offer several options for different features), the covers start at just $59.99, and they shipped rather fast.

Overall, I was impressed by these covers, and would pick them before I would get an overpriced generic tarp that wasn't fitted for my particular vehicle.  I could see getting some of the more advanced covers for putting over our restoration projects.  The water or sun-proof car covers are just what my husband needs for keeping his half re-built tractors safe from dust and moisture!

If you are looking for a cover for your car, truck, or motorcycle, Empire Covers has a size for almost everything -- even grills and RV's!  Find out more about their affordably-priced covers online.  As of right now, they have everything from a light dust cover for your vehicle, to more durable truck covers that are waterproof!

*We received a sample to review, and Empire is an advertising partner of Lille Punkin'. Opinions are 100% our own, however.