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Easiest, Lower-Calorie Ranch Dip and Dressing Recipe -- Ever!

6:33 AM

I had a friend move here from New Mexico. The first thing she commented on about our food choices here in the Midwest was that people use a lot of ranch dressing! While I don't use it on everything, and I discourage our family from using it like ketchup, it does have its place as a dip on a party try or on the right chicken-topped garden salad.

But I'm not a fan of the calories that prepared ranch dressings can have. In fact, I find that it's the number one reason I skip ranch in favor of other dressing offerings. I also really don't like the "light" ranch options at the store. (They taste funny to me.) But now, I've found a way to have my ranch and eat it, too!

This easy recipe needs just TWO ingredients. Yep, two:

You'll need a bottle of Cacique Crema Mexicana (Mexican Table Cream) and Ranch Seasoning and Salad Dressing mix. If you buy a BIG bottle of the seasoning, it's much more affordable and you can make many containers of dressing for less.

Now, you simply measure out your cream into a glass mason jar, add the seasoning, mix, and store!  Remember the the directions on the ranch seasoning packet is likely for a thicker, creamier "dip". If you want to serve it over a salad as a dressing, you'll need to add more crema.

This is my kids favorite way to make and eat ranch. And with there being just 35 calories for a service (vs. 130 for prepared commercial ranch), I find myself saying "yes" to their requests for it much more often!

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