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Our Family Tries a Delicious New Flavor Experience with Saffron Road

7:20 PM

My kids are explorers who enjoy seeing new places and trying new foods. They have not, however, had the joy of trying a few worldwide staples that are commonplace for other families to eat. Thanks to a recent partnership with Saffron Road, a fine-food company specializing in humane and Halal dishes, we had an amazing evening trying some new frozen meals in a family-style setting.

What did we try? First, we microwaved the  Chicken Pad Thai. This had a slightly spicy peanut sauce, chicken, and noodles. My usually-very-picky 6-year-old (who hates spice, by the way) devoured this dish. He was reluctant to share, and when everyone was done trying it, he cleaned up the plate!

Next we tried a very famous meal, Chicken Tikka Masala. This had a very creamy sauce, chicken breast meat, and a very aromatic basmati rice (which is my favorite rice!) We all enjoyed this dish. It had plenty of extra sauce, which we used as a dip for our bread. We served it with fresh cucumbers, too.

Finally, my 12-year-old's favorite, Chicken Biryani was served! This dish had lots of cumin, and a nice warmth to it. The onions gave it a great flavor profile!

I was very happy with the size of the portions for these meals. While they don't look that big in the packaging, once cooked, you can put it into a nice serving plate and give the rice or noodles a good fluffing with a fork. They look good enough to serve to guests and are a great way to offer high-quality dishes within minutes. Since I have no experience cooking these types of foods -- but I enjoy eating them -- this gave us a simple solution for keeping our meal plans diverse!

Marcus forgets his manners. He loves the Chicken Pad Thai!
You can find the Saffron Road meals in the frozen food section of your local Walmart, or these other quality retailers. Saffron Road also makes a delicious assortment of lentil chips, bean stalks, chickpeas, sauces and lentil crackers! And all of their meat products are 100% humanely-raised, vegetarian-fed, and Halal certified! The beef is hormone-free, and the chicken is antibiotic-free!

You may also want to visit their website for valuable coupons, or check them out on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram!

* This post was sponsored by Saffron Road. Opinions of these lovely dishes are our own!

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