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Review of Gymboree Boys' Spring and Summer Lines 2013

11:26 AM

If you think that stores like Gymboree are out of your budget, think again!  With discount sales happening all the time, and their Gymbucks rewards program, it's possible to outfit your whole family for a reasonable price.  In fact, we were given a gift card to shop for all four of our boys, and we were pleased to get each of them a new outfit (plus a few accessories) for less than $120 shipped!

Here are the boys sporting their new look:

And here is our youngest, getting a bit jealous over the shark sunglasses we bought for Matthias.
(Good thing they know how to share!)

The best part about shopping online at, is that - if you find a cute top or pair of shorts - the site recommends matching pieces that go with the look!  No needing to squint at little pictures of clothes to determine if the colors go well together or if they have complimentary material.

This was a fun experience for my kids, because we usually don't buy them all clothes at the same time.  In the past, we've taken each one out shopping and let them pick out an outfit or two.  This was far less work, and when the box arrived, they tore into it, excited to see what I picked out for them!  Even my toddler held up the new "Grand Slam" baseball tee with both hands and said "For me, Mama?"

If you get only one new outfit for your kids this season (maybe for the 4th of July, Memorial Day, or another special event), I highly recommend stopping by your local Gymboree store or placing an easy order online.  The clothes are durable, stain-resistant, and have high-quality "extras" that many other kids' clothes lack (the embroidery on my son's motorcycle polo, for example.)  It's easy to pick the outfit that matches your son's personality, right down to the hat on their head or shoes on their feet!

Learn more at!

Wanna Save?  Now through Memorial Day, all items on are $12.99 or less!

*Samples received to review. Opinions are 100% those of my own and my delighted boys.

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