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Family Fare Stores Grand Re-Opening in the Omaha Area

7:07 PM

When our local Blair, NE No Frills Supermarket became a Family Fare Supermarkets store, I couldn't believe the changes that took place. There was quite the expansion of natural, organic, and gourmet foods, the addition of a Starbucks, and a pretty awesome new local craft beer and wine section. So, I was excited to hear that many other stores in my area were making the switch, and this week was the Grand Re-Opening of 8 stores in my area! Family Fare sponsored a shopping trip for us to check it all out and share it with you!

We headed to the store at North 90th Street in Omaha today, to see what fun grand opening activities were planned. I was immediately greeted by a couple of friendly ladies working hard to sign up customers for the yes program, Family Fare's saving card program.

I had been a member for a while, now, so I was already familiar with many of the in-store promotions were for card members, how you can save on gasoline purchases with the card, and also about the loyalty clubs for baby products and milk. (Currently, you can earn free gallons of milk with regular purchases!)

We began shopping the big sales, which included 88cents a pound for some of the best-looking grapes I've seen in awhile. The kids were going ga-ga over the fruit, in general. We're a big fruit family, so hearing little Manny saying "apples!" over and over was delightful. We loaded up on peaches, lettuce, and corn still in the husk. There were quite a few shoppers and plenty of employees around to help.

The boys enjoyed food samplings, such as the ice cream cake, cookies, and fresh veggies in cream cheese.

Getting through the entire store took awhile, (especially since Manny kept getting into the pool noodles) but we broke up our big shopping list by signing up for the giveaways they had going on. Lots of prizes were being awarded in celebration of the grand opening event.

After breezing through the freezer aisle and being given some gifts from an employee in the cereal aisle (she had lip balm, chip clips and some magnets to share), I headed straight to the beer and wine section. I was already familiar with the deal that lets you pick your own mix and match 6-pack of bottles. I was happy to see even more local brews than the last time I was in a Family Fare store!

We stopped quickly by the k-cups display on the way to check out. Getting to mix and match your own coffee varieties was a great idea! I knew I'd be back for that some day.

Check out was quick, with plenty of help from the cashier and one lady who helped load up my cart. With 2 little ones with me, they sensed I was a bit stretched for patience and could use a helping hand. My 6-year-old insisted that I take his photo next to the Batman vs. Superman DVD display on the way out. (You can't tell his mom has been a blogger his whole life, can you?)

If you have a Family Fare near you (and those in the Omaha area have plenty of stores to choose from), be sure to check out the rest of the festivities happening tomorrow (Saturday), as well as the low prices every week. We loaded up on $1.79 milk and $1.89/lb hamburger, which is a big blessing to our family-of-8 budget!

Be sure to sign up for your own yes card and load it with additional coupon offers before you shop! And use your yes card between now and August 31st to be entered to win free groceries for a year or a trip for 2 to the Pro Football Championship in February!

Wanna Win? We have $100 in Family Fare gift cards to give to a lucky reader! To be entered to win, just use the form below before August 1st at 11:59 pm EST. Open to U.S. residents 18+ only.

*Gift cards and prizing received. Opinions are my own.

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  1. I looked at the ad for this week and they have milk for $1.57. I am hopeful that they will be competitive with Aldi, even though I love Aldi.

  2. That Pick and Sip is one of the coolest features I've seen in a grocery store.

  3. It looks like it has some great products.

  4. The pick and sip is a great idea.

  5. I like that my new Family Fare has a Starbucks located inside it..

  6. I'm excited for low prices & good sales on milk, produce and beef.

  7. The K-Cup display is so cool! I'd love to just pick the cups I want to try!

  8. That is a cool K-cup area, I would love to shop at a store that had that.

  9. The K-cup area really caught my eye lol, love my coffee. I'm really impressed by the new stores' organization, it gives the stores a unique look. Very pleasing to look at; especially the produce dept.

  10. I am in love with the Kcup display/area!

  11. I like all the fresh new stuff and the Starbucks inside.

  12. Can't wait to try some k-cups from the pick and sip!

  13. I love the pick your own six pack ! My husband loves drinking different varieties of beer, and its so fun to see that you can mix and match and try different kinds! How cool!

  14. I really like that they have a card program to get rewards for shopping there. It halps when you get a discount!

  15. I am most excited about the Pick & Sip & big fruit selection!


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