Applesauce, candlewax, juice, something else I'm not familiar with...
What do all the above items have in common? They are all stuck to my kitchen floor AS I TYPE! I think, however, I have found the American Idol of mops - Enter the Real Simple Microfiber Squeeze Mop!
The Real Simple Microfiber Squeeze Mop works wet or dry. Think of the mop head as a spongecake with a cool microfiber cloth frosting. And its handy scraper insert offers a smart way to defeat stubborn, sticky spots. (Like there is any other kind of spots?)

The insert gets put back into the handle when you are done, so it is one less handy tool you'll never find again at the back of your utility closet. (By the way, it takes candle wax off of laminate like a dream...) It is made of a lightweight aluminum, so it is sooo easy to push. It also has a smaller head than some mops, so it is perfect for getting behind toilets and under highchairs!

The mop itself ( $14.99) is found at Target stores and select online retailers. The replaceable mop head runs about $4.99, but I found that I can prolong the life and cleanliness of the mop head by throwing it in a load of laundry and NOT drying it.

I will not go back to another mop again.. Anyone else tried this beauty? Comment below, and while you are here - Please visit a sponsor or two and keep Lille Punkin' writing super handy reviews for our favorite products!