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Review of Jazzy Toes

10:05 AM

What's cuter than baby socks and baby shoes? How about a baby sock that looks like a shoe!

I'm that neglectful mother you see running around, toting her tot sans shoes. I am that mom that thinks shoes can be a little cumbersome to put on, and I understand that keeping them on is a whole 'nother issue. I'm that parent that feels lucky if we survive a shopping trip without losing a loafer in the store or the parking lot outside the grocery. I'd rather just go with socks, but I hate the glaring looks for bringing baby out shoeless.

Now I have a fashionable alternative with Jazzy Toes! These super-adorable, appropriate-for-any-occasion socks are a cozy alternative to traditional footwear. They feature the "look" of a shoe (or boot or sandal) and have those neat grippy textures on the bottom to prevent slipping! The high-quality sock has just the right amount of elastic to keep 'em on, but they don't constrict a chubby baby's ankles.

I couldn't believe how cute my little pumpkin looked in his! We strolled around with the Jazzy Toes on and got so many compliments! I got approving looks like you wouldn't believe, and he was wearing socks the whole time.

In sizes 0-12 months, 12-24 months, they come in both girl and boy styles. They are packaged in a cute box great for giving and are perfect for sending through the mail! Check out the cutest thing to happen to socks at Jazzy Toe's website!

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