Have you ever come across a toy that was so simple, yet so fun, that you didn't know how you ever lived without it? With 3 little boys in the home, we felt the same way when we tried out the amazingly cool Marshmallow Shooters from the Marshmallow Fun Company.

Using little mini-marshmallows, these simple (no assembly-required), air-guns use gentle force to "pop" out multiple marshmallows at quite a distance! They are relatively safe (as marshmallows won't do damage to a window or a body part), and only need a little maintenance to keep the fun going.

We loaded the marshmallows for the kids, and even helped them scout around the living room for the missing ones (we had to tell them not to eat the ones that they found on the ground days later), and each load yielded about 5 minutes of non-stop shooting action!

This was a great toy for little kids, ages 6+, who want to hear the "pop" of a cork gun with the fun of marshmallows. (Adults will love this toy, too!) I know that I would want this on my Christmas wish list :)

To see all the varieties of Marshmallow Shooters available, see the official website.

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