Do you find yourself keeping score when it comes to chores in your home?  Like most married couples, my husband and I struggle not to get in a situation where we track who does what and assume that we are each doing more than our fair share.

Since we know that things are never 50/50, I was interested to see the findings of a recent study from Scrubbing Bubbles (called the Dirty Work Index™ survey), where they examine the difference between men and women's attitudes towards household chores.  Some of the most fascinating facts are being shared via the Scrubby Solutions Facebook tab -- complete with video commentary from John Gray of "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" fame.

Here is just one surprising fact from the study:
When it comes to cleaning, women think they do it all. In fact, 58 percent of women say it’s their “job” to clean, and a quarter (25 percent) of all women feels as if they are the cleaning “leader” in their homes. Conversely, more than half of women confided that they want more overall help from their partner or spouse, but 38 percent don’t trust them to meet their standards of cleanliness.
Would you have guessed?

To learn more facts and participate in the discussion, be sure to visit the Scrubby Solutions tab, as well as check out tools for getting it clean via the Scrubbing Bubbles website!

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