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Review of Terry Naturally Curamin for Pain Relief (Updated)

11:49 AM

I have struggled with pain in my hands and wrists for years now.  It started with the birth of my third son, and it just seems to get worse with each passing year.  While I've been to the doctor, it can't be diagnosed, and all the therapy in the world just seems to go nowhere. I really hate the idea of using pain killers, so I was drawn to the idea of this review for Terry Naturally Curamin, which is made from curcamin.

My regular routine had involved ice, rest, and naproxen sodium, which I didn't want to take for the rest of my life.  I also didn't feel good about taking prescription options for arthritis -- the side effects really concerned me.  When I was offered a bottle of Curamin from Terry Naturally to review, I really thought I had nothing to lose.

My Updated Curamin Review

(Update: It has been over 4 years since I first wrote these Curamin reviews, which were inspired by a free bottle of Curamin I received. Since that time, I have been a loyal Curamin customer. I purchase a bottle for myself and my husband every month. While I have tried different versions of Curamin, I still use it in one way or another each and every day. I consider it a wise investment, as it is currently the only way to keep inflammation down to the point of being able to wear my wedding ring, and the pain that I get from typing regularly at a keyboard can be taken down to a tolerable level every day with regular use. Some days I only take one or two, and days where the pain is very bad, I'll take three. But most days it is completely manageable with just the Curamin added to my routine.)

First, these pills contain BCM-95 Curcumin, an ingredient found naturally in tumeric.  You can read more about the ingredients and how they work in the FAQ's.

From the website:
Known for its ability to balance the body's natural inflammation response, BCM-95® has been proven in published clinical studies to provide consistent and long-lasting effects. The impact of BosPure® boswellia is enhanced by removal of pro-inflammatory compounds commonly found in this plant. And DLPA (DL-phenylalanine) has been shown to help maximize the effects of endorphins and enkephalins, the body's own powerful pain relievers. Rounding out the formula is an enzyme, nattokinase, that not only boosts healthy circulation, it has a direct impact on muscle pain via its ability to balance fibrinogen levels in the body.*
The dosage on the pills is up to 3 a day.  I started out with the 3, then tapered down to just 1 or two a day.  You can take them all at once, or stagger throughout the day.  Since I'm sensitive to vitamins and other pills (they sometimes upset my stomach), I chose to take one with each meal.  One day, however, I took all 3 at once, and it didn't give me any problems.

So, does it work?  Yes.  I believe that it does.  While the website really recommends it more for overuse and muscle strain, I have found it beneficial in dealing with my joint and tendon pain.  It won't take it completely away; when used in place of my naproxen sodium, however, I find that it offers just as much pain relief and the relief lasts longer.

It took about 4 days from the first dose to notice, but after it was working for awhile, I forgot a day, and it still helped.  I would usually not be able to open a jar or take the lid off a pen without sharp shooting pains in my joints.  Now, I can do these things about 70% of the time with only mild discomfort.  Sometimes, I have no pain at all.  I believe it has made a difference in my pain tolerance, as well.  Before, I would have random pain from doing ordinary things, now, I can feel a little tightness while doing an activity that acts as a warning for me to stop before I sense the sharp pain.

I have since bought this product on my own and plan on taking it indefinitely.  It is priced the same as other high-end joint pain relief solutions, but it is worth it over the cost of prescription meds that I don't feel as comfortable taking.

I will add that since I first wrote this review, I have had the chance to experiment with both the the tablets and the capsules. If you have a sensitive stomach, I recommend the capsules. I tend to get a bit queasy on the days I have to take the full 3-pill dose, but only when taking the tablets. They just seem harder on my stomach for some reason. I have no issues with the capsules.) 

I order this product personally, every month at Amazon (or I sometimes buy the BIG bottle for a 2-month supply). Get more info at the official website.  Find them on Twitter and Facebook, as well!

*Sample received to review, but I have since become a very loyal user of this product.  Opinions are 100% my own.  Results from use of product may vary.  Please see the product details for information on whether it is suitable for you to use. 

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