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Celebrate New Year's with a Danish Smørrebrød

2:12 AM

My Grandmother was Danish, and -- growing up -- she would share Danish songs and poems with me. Upon graduating from high school, I attended a private college near my hometown that was founded by Danes, and I actually got a scholarship to learn and speak Danish.

Years have passed since that time, and I have forgotten much of the language that I learned. One thing that I haven't lost, however, is the appreciation for the Danish Smørrebrød, or little delicious open-faced sandwiches!

Traditionally, these are done with a dark bread (like rye), but I can't stand rye. So I make mine with all kinds of breads, adding cheese, salads, smoked meats, and more.  I love celebrating with the little sandwiches, and New Year's is no exception!

This year, we will be feasting on a few different sandwiches, and --- since smoked fish isn't something that it made here in Nebraska -- I get my fixings from Walmart.  They had a good selection of cheese, smoke salmon, pickled fish, crackers, spreads, and a few frozen pre-made finger foods, as well.

To make sandwiches "dainty", you can use a cookie cutter to make shapes. 

Then, each piece was topped with things like the Marketside chicken salad (with grapes) and accented with dill.

We are also big fans of simple cream cheese with cucumber slices on bread.  The Nancy's party pinwheels from the freezer section are an easy accompaniment to the sandwich tray.

And we also indulge in the smoked fish with black pepper. (I like mine on crackers.)  I am not a fan of the pickled fish, though!  (But we put it out for tradition).

Having some simple platters with these easy open-faced sandwiches on them is a great way to snack lightly before the big dinner.  You can serve all of these things with some wine or iced team.  My kids have really grown to like trying the different bread, cheeses, and meats.  It's just fun to eat, too!

Will you be doing anything this New Year's that's reminiscent of your upbringing?

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