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Easy Game Time Recipe: Mini Brie Apple Puffs!

9:24 PM

I love serving up mini, hand-held appetizers at my football parties. Ones from the freezer section of my Walmart are what I use when short on time, but I found an even easier way to put something delicious on the table for our gatherings. With a tube of crescent roll dough and a few premium ingredients, I have happy guests in minutes -- without reaching for the freezer!

To make these, you'll need the following (I bought everything at my Walmart):

1 tube crescent roll dough
1 green apple
1/12th of a brie wheel
mini muffin pan

Start by cutting the crescent roll dough into small squares. I like to take each "square" that's already perforated and cut it like below:

I place one small square into each well of my muffin pan.

Now, you cut the brie into small pieces, as well. I use a pizza cutter to make it easy! (Note: Brie is usually served at room temperature. For this recipe, you want the brie chilled for easy cutting. Don't take it out of the fridge until you are ready to cut it! And remember, that musty-smelling white "paper" on the outside of the cheese is actually an edible rind. You leave it on when you serve or cook with it.) 

Place one square of brie on top of each crescent roll square.

Now, take small slices of green apple and top.

Bake for 325 degrees until the edges of the rolls are brown. I baked mine about 8 minutes in a convection oven, but your timing will vary.

Remove when done and serve immediately! The gooey cheese will be delicious, but hot!

This is a grown-up flavor profile that kids may not love. I also like to do a pan of crescent rolls with a more kid-friendly cheese (like American) and some shredded ham or smoked turkey on top!

What other ideas can you come up with for a puff of your own? I bet you can find ingredients for all of your ideas at your local Walmart, too! 

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