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Easy and Adorable Bunny Dinner Rolls Recipe

9:12 PM

It's Easter season! That means lots of yummy baked goods and desserts, many of which are almost too cute to eat! We whipped up these Easter Bunny Rolls in just 10 minutes, then set them to bake for another 10. They are so adorable that everyone will love having them with this year's Easter ham ball dinner.

To make them, you'll need the following ingredients (purchased at Walmart):

  • Pillsbury Crescent Roll (one tube)
  • 8 Raisins
  • One egg
  • Teaspoon of water

Begin by unrolling the tube of dough and separating out each of the triangles.

Roll each triangle into a long thread. Each thread will make one bunny roll. Pinch off a bit of each end and make 2 small balls out of them.

Roll the remaining threads up into a "snail" shell. Leave a little hanging out at the end.

Take some kitchen shears and snip the extra bit into two bunny "ears". Tuck them close against the rolled portion, then place one ball on top and another ball on the other side for a "tail".

Please the raisin for an eye.

Mix the egg and water to make an egg wash. Use a pastry brush to brush it onto the top of the rolls.

Bake in a 375 oven for about 10 minutes.

If you let the kids help, you'll end up with all kinds of funny looking bunnies. But they are so cute and go well with any Easter meal!

You can find this and other recipes at the Walmart holiday website. Use the great ideas to start making some fun memories with your family in the kitchen this year, like Bunny Ear Cupcakes and this Jelly Bean Garden

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