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Eat Local Recipe: Danish Browned Butter Potatoes and Chives

6:23 PM

Things are really starting to warm up around here, and that means I'll soon have more access to locally-grown produce in the Nebraska area. My local Walmart already carries a few local items year round, but as the weather gets nicer, I know that I'll have lots more options to choose from.

Why eat local? The foods are grown close to home and picked at peak ripeness, giving them a quicker ship time to store. Their flavor outweighs produce items that have to be picked early to survive transportation.  This also means that they have more nutrients, since it's well-known that vitamins and minerals actually decrease the longer a food is eaten after being picked. Plus, I love that it supports my local economy; keeping money in my state means more tax revenue, jobs, and a better way of life for everyone!

So what did we find at our Walmart this is locally grown in May? I picked up two things: a bag of potatoes and a container of chives from two different local farms. We will actually have our own chives very soon, but my kids tend to pick them and eat them before they ever get out of the garden, making it impossible to reserve any for recipes!

I decided to take these two ingredients and make a very simple, traditional Danish Brown Butter Potatoes with Chives. It's a yummy dish that offers a little different flavor profile. Here's how you do it:

Take 4-5 medium sized russets, peel and cut into cubes. Boil until not quite fork-tender. Drain and set aside while you prepare the "butter."

In a medium-sized skillet, melt 4 tablespoons butter (salted is preferred) and wait until slightly bubbling. Quickly add in 2 tablespoons sugar, stirring consistently until well blended, but don't allow it to seize. It will turn into toffee!

While the butter is bubbling, toss in the potatoes and turn continuously. After the butter has been absorbed into the potatoes, you can allow them to sit for a few seconds between flips to make sure they get a brown sear on the edges.

Serve with chopped chives and sprinkle with salt to taste.

You can find a variety of locally-grown items in your Walmart, year-round. Offerings will vary by region and season.

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