Review of Listerine Whitening Quick Dissolving Strips

Who hasn't tried to whiten their own teeth? With all of the toothpastes, mouthwashes, paints, strips, trays, and brushes on the market designed to make your teeth brighter, I sometimes lose track of the newest and best option.

Recently, however, Bzzagent gave me the opportunity to try Listerine Quick Dissolving Whitening Strips. The results were actually pretty good!

These whitening strips come packaged individually, and the same strips can be used for top of bottom teeth (the directions will show you how to position them to be sure you have them facing the right direction.) Simply line them up with your gums, press onto your pearly soon-to-be-whites, and fold the excess strip under your teeth. In 5-10 minutes, the strip completely dissolves, and your mouth will have an "I just gargled with the strongest mouthwash EVER" feeling.

Pros: Easy to use and really does whiten! With one application I could tell a difference. With 3, I was noticeably whiter to my husband. This coffee drinker really needs a pick-me-up like this on a regular basis.

Cons: Can be irritating. I noticed that I have a lot of gumline and found it hard to perfectly line up the strip so that it covered my whole tooth, but didn't cover any gum. This resulted in a bubbly, burning sensation on the part of my gum that was covered. (It also temporarily turned it white.) This is similar to putting hydrogen peroxide directly on any part of your gums or the soft tissue in your mouth. It didn't last long, however, and once the strip completely dissolved, the tingling and whiteness went away.

Not the best tasting strip, but also not the worst. Quite possibly the easiest and least-noticeable of all the whitening products. It didn't interfere with my daily activities and was a very effective whitener. Give it a try! For more information go to
Available at and other health and beauty retailers.


  1. Great article on Listerine Whitening. I agree with your pros and cons. To get super white teeth, the best way is to use a home whitening kit that has carbamide peroxide as it's whitening agent.

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