I Love the Energizer 15-Minute Charger

If you're not already prepared for the sudden increase in battery usage that this holiday season will bestow upon you -- you've still got time! (Just think of all the toy, remote, and digital camera juice you'll have to keep on hand.) While it's tempting to run out and buy the most affordable single-use batteries on the market, consider the money and waste that using rechargeables will save!

I recently had the awesome opportunity to try out the 15-Minute Charger from Energizer. This handy little charger (which is no bigger than a small paperback book), works really fast! Just remove the little plastic tag that it comes packaged with, plug in the charger, insert the batteries, and go! You are literally ready to rock in less than 20 minutes*. (A green indicator light will come on when the batteries are fully charged.)

The charger comes ready to use, with 2 AA and 2 AAA batteries included. It can charge up to 4 AA or AAA NiMH batteries at a time, and the best part is the included car charger adapter (that allows you to charge on the go!)

*For extra long battery life, you can leave the batteries on the charger for an additional 10 minutes after the green light goes off.

Get ready for the holidays with a brand name, eco-friendly alternative to those throw away batteries you're used to buying. With these Energizer Rechargeable batteries, you don't have to take time away from you gadgets -- at least no more than 15 minutes or so!

For more info on the full line of Energizer Rechargeables, see the Energizer website.

*As an online advocate for Energizer, I will happily be sharing many more exciting product offerings designed to help you and your family save some cash and help the planet! Have a question about rechargeable batteries and how to make them work for your family? Email me!