Review of My Meebas

Ok, so this is one of those toys that I became strangely interested in from hearing the television ad alone. There are days when I wander the halls of my home, picking up stray socks and singing, "My Meebas! My Meebas!" (Doesn't that odd little tune haunt you too?)

The premise of My Meebas are similar to many of the "care-for-an-electronic-pet-and-be-rewarded" toys on the market -- with one major, exciting twist: When you've completed all the levels of this charming game, the top of the game tube opens up, and a fuzzy friend pops out!

With over 20 games and activities, this fun little gadget is bound to entertain most girls ages 6-10. There are different colors of tubes, each representing a different value: Intelligence, Love, Friendship, and Happiness (and within each color group, there are several variations of the creature you can grow!) 60 different My Meebas are offered, and there is even a possibility of getting twins!

At a price of $20, this is a good mid-priced item for a girl that loves electronics and plush collectibles. (And that theme song is just too darn cute!) For more info, a free electronic poster download, and an online game you can play for free, see the official My Meebas website. (Available at