Review of American Heart Association's CPR Anytime Kit

My daughter is almost 11 -- going on 30. She's super responsible, loves helping with the younger kids, and can be trusted for short periods of time with her siblings. One thing that has kept me from totally relying on her to sit with the kids (even though I did at that age) is that she wasn't CPR trained.

CPR training can be expensive and time consuming for many families. I was thrilled to learn about the CPR Anytime kit. The kit, which is endorsed by the American Heart Association, contains everything families need to train in life-saving skills. I couldn't believe that we had the chance to try it out!

Here's what's contained in the kit:

  • Mini Anne CPR Learning Manikin
  • CPR Skills Practice DVD
  • Adult CPR & AED reminder card
  • Choking & Child CPR Reminder card
  • Mini Anne Spare Lung
  • Manikin wipes
The kit is latex-free, easy to use in less than 20 minutes, and perfect for all of your friends and family to use. We were impressed with how easily everything fit into the small box, and how it was ready to go for the next "class" we would have.

I recommend this kit to homeschool families who don't have access to classroom CPR training, kids who are looking to watch after younger siblings, or anyone in the family would wants to be prepared to help save a life in a medical emergency (that means YOU!)

The kits are affordable, too!

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