Guitar Hero on Tour for Nintendo DS - Did It Rock?

Are you ready to rock? We are, and thanks to Mom Central and Activision/Nintendo, we had the opportunity to try review copies of Guitar Hero on Tour: Modern Hits game AND Guitar Hero on Tour: Decades game -- both for the Nintendo DS system.

First, the GOOD:

These games really do rock! I'm a bit behind on my musical knowledge, so the Modern Hits game left me a little clueless (we also don't listen to that much rock at my house, so my kids didn't exactly know all of the songs, either.) However, I was totally grooving to the Fall Out Boy song and the Foo Fighters single, and doing my best to follow along on the kid's Nintendo DS. (Note: These games work on both the DS and the DS Lite, but not for the newest DSX.)

These games both captivated my kids for hours... I mean... hours! My 10-year-old loved playing it any chance she could get, and I had to tell her numerous times to do something else for awhile (that's a good thing, right?) My 2-year-old even snagged it when no one was looking and used the accompanying guitar pick to strum a few notes (even though he was too small to use the guitar grip component.)

We also really liked that the Decades game included wireless play options for more than one person! This is perfect for our house, since we like to include everyone in our gaming. We have cousins that all have a DS, too, so when we all get together, they can sit in the same room and jam together! Totally awesome!

(The games also came with some very neat stickers to "pimp out" the DS console. This was one of the highlights of the game for my daughter. Go figure.)

Now, the BAD:

Well, there isn't so much anything bad to say, but rather a few notes of caution for parents. First, the game is addictive. Since the way you hold the game can cause kids to get stiff in the arms and have some really bad "guitar-playing" hand cramps, be sure to get them stretching in-between songs. The product manual shows you the right way to hold the game console to prevent repetitive injury, which is a very cool thing. I like that Activision is helping to inform parents and players how to stay safe.

Also, we noted that the guitar grip piece slid out a few times at first. It comes with an adapter so that you can use it for both the DS and the DS Lite, and even though we have Lites at our house, the DS adapter was the only one that didn't feel loose. (Play around and see what works best for you.)

We have ONLY been playing this game in our DS systems since we got them. Maybe the newness will wear off, but with increasingly challenging rounds to play, I doubt it. Mama likes. :)

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