Review of Dunkadoos

Think you know what a Dunkadoo is?

No, they are not a cookie or a snack food -- they are so much better! Dunkadoos toys are small, affordable plush animals that start out a bit, well... deflated. Once placed in a little bag filled with water, they grow to several times their size. What's really cool is that they don't stay soaking wet.. they dry in only a few minutes, so you can play with them outside of water, too!

You'll know when it's time for your Dunkadoo to get into the water again.. it'll start to shrink. This innovative, battery-free toy only requires some water and imagination for hours of play in any weather.

We really enjoyed the Dunkadoo we *received to sample. I was surprised at how small it started out, and especially how affordable they are. (They have a retail price of less than $8!) Since my kids have a lot of plush, they can sometimes be the least played-with toys. The unique plays aspect of the Dunkadoos, however, give the kids a reason to pull them out and play with them again and again. (They are appropriate for all kids ages 5+)

Dunkadoos are available at your local retailer, including Walmart, and come in several animal choices: Dog, Cat, Shark, Penguine, Frog and Tiger (with more to come later.) For additional info on the Dunkadoos line, see the official website at

*Sample was received for this review.