Review of POM Wonderful 100% Pomegranate Juice

As an expecting mother, I've found myself craving juice far more often than usual. I also miss my occasional glass of red wine.

Recently, however, I found a neat product that's been on the market for awhile, that not only provides me with some of the most nutritious benefits of juice, while also helping me not miss wine, at all! It's POM Wonderful, a 100% pomegranate juice product available at most grocer's in the refrigerator section. Since I'm a HUGE pomegranate fruit fan, but find it impossible to find most months of the year, I've really enjoyed sipping this all-natural juice with breakfast OR with a little club soda as a healthy wine substitute.

There are no additives or preservatives in this juice. You pay for 100% juice – and you get it. Also, all the pomegranates used to make the juice are grown in the U.S.

High in antioxidants, I've become hooked on POM Wonderful! We now drink it regularly at our home.

For more information on POM Wonderful's product line, see their site at

*Sample was received for this review...


  1. I LOVE this stuff!!

    I was watching Martha Stewart one day, and the owner was a guest on her show. They were talking about all the benefits of Pom Wonderful and I just had to try it. Now, my 16 year old daughter and I love pomegranates, so it was a given we would love the juice. We buy loads of fresh pomegranates during the season, and we freeze the pips to enjoy on our salads for months to come. Anyway, I picked up a bottle of the Pom Wonderful and we were hooked. We drink it most days, in the morning, to start our day off right. I also use it in alot of my recipes. Also, we make lemonade cocktail with fresh squeezed lemons, Pom Wonderful and some Agave. Wowzers it is so good.

    Did I say I LOVE this stuff.

  2. Yes.. at first, I was totally thrown by the price, but when I priced it against juices that were mostly apple and water.. it came out by far a better bargain. I had never thought to freeze the pips! (Maybe because there are never any left?) Great ideas!


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