Battle of the Pails: Munchkin vs. Diaper Genie (Part Two)

We used both of these pails over a few weeks, and you can read about our initial impressions in our part one post.  There was still more to learn about which one we liked better, however.  Here is our final verdict.

The winner of the Battle of the Pails is hands down the Diaper Genie.  I had a Diaper Genie when they first came out so many years ago, and they have made some amazing improvements on this product.

The drawbacks to the Genie include:  Bulky design and bags that require you to “cut” them and tie before disposing (which is too much handling of dirty bags for me).  The benefits, however, greatly make up for it.  If stumbling around in the dark with a baby’s diaper, this is “the” pail for you.  It is virtually hands-free, opens easily, closes easily, and contains odors perfectly (we changed our bags after a week – which is gross, but we wanted to see if it stayed “clean smelling” when filled to the max with toddler pull-ups.)  It was the perfect all-in-one nasty trash receptacle for our bathroom, making it easy for my son to throw away his pull-up, my older kids to help toss the newborn diapers, and for feminine hygiene products and baby wipes to be tossed where they wouldn’t leave evidence or cause temptation for my dog to try to get into the trash (big plus!)

The Munchkin pail had a great idea going for it:  The baking soda cartridge, which dispensed a tiny bit of baking soda with each diaper that you threw away.  It too, contained odor, and the disposal of the bags was much easier than the Genie.  However, it was awkward to use with only one hand, and I found the baking soda to be unnecessary (and just another thing to buy over the life of the product.)

I am a member of the Mom Central community and I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central, sponsored by Diaper Genie, and received a free Diaper Genie diaper pail and a free Munchkin Arm & Hammer diaper pail to facilitate my review.