Review of Parent's Choice Diapers

I've had to diaper 5 children, and while I'm not exactly brand loyal, I do have my favorites.  Generally, I look for diapers that don't look and feel soaked after they get just a little wet, but I also don't want one that holds 2 cups or more without me knowing they need changed.

Parents' Choice is a brand in diaper I had NOT tried before this review. I have used other store brand diapers, and all of them have left me wishing I had paid more (or used a coupon) for brand name.  Things I generally don't like about store brand include: they aren't as soft, they leak, or they don't fit snugly.  Parent's Choice surprised me, in that they were competitive with brand name in these areas.

Here is a picture of my little guy in the diapers from Parent's Choice.

I haven't had a leak yet, and unlike Luvs, they don't feel squishy or bunch up when they are wet.  They are very soft on the surface, but don't pill (get fuzzy) like some brand name newborn diapers that I like.  Overall, I think they fit snugly, and I can actually get a little more wear time from the size than some other brands, because they fit higher on the belly.

They aren't much to look at (these were pink and yellow -- not exactly boy colors), but when you are co-sleeping with your infant, leak protection is the number one priority, and they certainly meet my high standards.

As one of the lowest-priced diapers on the market, they will be my go-to diaper when I can't find a cheaper sale on brand name.  I will definitely add these to my "loyalty" list! You can find them for sale at or your local Walmart store.

*I received diapers to try for this review from Walmart.  Opinions are my own.


  1. He looks so cute in his dino leg warmers :)

  2. I agree, he is adorable.

    With my last daughter, I used Parents choice diapers exclusively. You are right, they are just as good if not better than the brand name diapers. They are certainly more reasonable in price. I even loved the Parent's Choice baby wipes. They are just as thick as the Huggie brand and were half the price.

    Whenever I go to a baby shower, I give Parent's Choice. I can give the mom double the diapers and wipes then the leading brand diapers. I haven't had one complaint yet.

  3. Thanks for the comments, ladies! I have a few packages of some other brands in my diaper stash, but once these are gone, I'll probably be solely P.C. It's just easier to know what you're buying and not have to deal with coupons.

  4. Anyone have any trouble since they updated? I got a pack that does nothing but cause rashes and open. I have diaper pellets everywhere. I was a Parents Choice mom, but now I am wondering. Anyone else hear anything?

  5. My son is now 2years old and we have used these diapers since his birth. He developed a serious rash on his bottom a couple of months ago. My oldest son has dry skin issues, so we (including our doctor) just figured the baby has the same skin issues. The cream we kept putting on him was not helping and the rash was getting worse. We began potty training him and he started wearing underwear. His rash is completely gone. I'm just wondering if they changed something with the diapers?


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