Review of Ice Breakers Frost Sugar-free Mints

If fresh breath is a concern, you're probably always carrying a little packet of mints or gum in your purse.  I tend to gobble up a tin of mints, in no time, and I'm not really supposed to be eating much sugar due to dental issues.  Ice Breakers Frost Sugar-Free mints are a great choice for balancing the icy coolness of a great breath mint and the smart sense of not ruining your teeth.  I tried the Wintercool variety this past week, and I was quite satisfied!

The little mints are hard, so they last quite a while.  They don't leave a strange color in your mouth or on your teeth, and they contain xylitol (which is important if you don't want the sugar bugs eating up your enamel.)  Best of all, they are super minty.  I could pop one in and still feel the freshness an hour later!

Ice Breakers Frost come in two sugar-free flavors: Peppermint and Wintercool.  Look for them at your grocer or check them out online!

*Sample was received.  Opinions are my own.