Review of Bissell Proheat 2x Upright Carpet Cleaner

I'm about to tell you about a product that I've had for over a year -- and I LOVE!  While not new to the market, it's still widely available, and something that all carpet owners should consider (especially if they have children or pets in the home.)  The Bissell Proheat 2X Upright Carpet Cleaner is a lifesaver for me!

Operation is fairly simple.  Just fill the water tank with hot water from  your tap, and the cleaner compartment with the cleaner of your choice (you do not have to use the Bissell brand, and I prefer the 2x concentrated that I can dilute.)  Since the appliance has a "power" and "heater" button, it makes your hot water go farther, even if you've used it so long that the water in the tank has cooled down significantly.  Pushing the thing can be tiring.. it's rather heavy.  However, anyone with a reasonable amount of strenghth can manage it on a regular basis -- I used it both pregnant and right after a c-section.  It's lighter than a commercial steam cleaner.

How does it work?  Very well.  I have been able to get dried dog vomit, mold, juice, coffee stains (if cleaned up immediately.. not so well on coffee that's been there for weeks), dog pee, all kinds of mud and dirt, and several kinds of marker.  If you find that a particular stain is not coming up, just pretreat it with the cleaner and use the hose attachment to give it a little bit of special attention, and it usually comes right out.  I like that the carpet gets a good scrubbing with the front brushes on the machine -- it makes the pile of the carpet look like new when you're done.

Another great feature of the Bissell is the ability to select the level of dirt you're cleaning.  I almost always use the "medium" setting (otherwise, I go through too much cleaning solution), and in some cases, I use the "light" setting and use the "rinse" setting to finish up.  This lets you use only water to get some of the dirty water up out of the carpet without wasting the cleaner.  The unit provides great suction, and is kinda noisy, but not ridiculously so.

One of the cons of the machine is that it is a bit difficult to clean the water reservoir.  The dirty and clean water stay separated by a rubber "bladder" within the machine, that can get gross and slimy if you don't rinse it well every time you use it.  Another hassle is that the water in the carpet can take awhile to dry.  You definitely want to clean your carpets when there are no kids or dogs around to get it dirty before it can dry completely, and if you wear socks while you clean, they will be soaked by the time you get it done.

I've read complaints about the machine giving out before the warranty has expired, but I don't have any issues with mine.  I use it at least a few times a month on my 1400 square foot home, and it is still working the same as when I bought it over a year ago.  If you are stuck with carpet and need an affordable alternative to renting a machine every few months, you'll feel good about owning the Bissell Proheat 2X Upright. (Models start at $199)

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