Review of Coppertone Water BABIES Sunscreen Foaming Lotion and Sunscreen Stick

If you thought it was too early to start stocking up on sun protection for your kids -- you are wrong! Even on a cloudy day, kids are at risk of having their precious skin damaged, which can cause problems as adults.

It's a bit of a blur, but this is me trying to get my 9-month-old son to sit still for some sunscreen.  We went for a walk a few days ago, only to have him come back with a pink face from too much exposure! So we decided to take matters into our own hands with a battle to get him to sit still for some new products we had the chance to try.

The new additions to the Coppertone Water BABIES line come just in time for spring (and make wrestling with a fussy baby a bit more practical for parents)!  Featured in my picture above is the Sunscreen Stick, a very easy-to-use (if your baby sits still) twist-up stick that goes on like a tube of chapstick to the areas of your child's face and ears that are difficult to get to (or would be impractical to coat with a spray product.)  I put this on my little guy's ears, nose, and all the tiny areas of his face that I wanted to cover from the sun.  It's colorless, mildly-scented, and provides 55 SPF protection.  It's also soothing and waterproof.  Toss this in your purse for anytime you need emergency protection for little people (works on Moms, too!)

Another product we tried was the Water BABIES Sunscreen Foaming Lotion, a nice alternative to those misting products that babies can breathe into their lungs. This reminds me of hair mousse, and dispenses as a light and airy foam that can easily be rubbed into baby's skin.  It has an SPF 75+ and is mild for babies’ delicate skin.

We are very happy to have these products on hand for summertime play.  My kids are outside ALL day, and the little baby is just so fussy -- anything that keeps him protected but is easy to use is VERY welcome in my household.

These are just two of the available products from the Water BABIES line.  For complete details, see the official website!

*Samples were received to review.  Opinions are 100% my own.