Review of Kim & Scott's Pretzels

I love those fat, warm pretzels you get at the mall, but to be honest.. they're a bit on the boring side. Sure you can jazz them up with unhealthy dipping sauces or ask for additional toppings, but wouldn't you rather avoid the mall altogether and bake up some delicious gourmet pretzels at home?

We tried several varieties of Kim & Scott's Pretzels this year, and to be honest, I had mixed results. The directions stated that you can microwave or bake them, but the first two I tried out of the micro were not good at all. After that, I took the extra few minutes to bake them in the oven, and I was blown away by how much better they tasted.

Here is what we thought of a few of the stuffed flavors that we tried (assume for each that we baked, not microwaved them.)

Grilled Cheese – This was my favorite pretzel. Yummy, gooey cheddar fills this mild-tasting pretzel, and its topped with even more real cheese. The kids split these in half and had them with tomato soup!

Pizza Pretzel – You can imagine that this is like a commercial pizza roll, but with more natural flavor. It has very robust pizza spices on the top.

Spinach Feta – Light on the feta, even those that don't like the usually strong cheese will adore this pretzel. It's loaded with the green stuff, and supplemented with a bit of flax (which I couldn't really taste.) One of the healthier tasting pretzels.

Chocolate Crumb – This dessert pretzel is all chocolate! Not heavy or too sweet (unlike a donut), I felt satisfied but not overwhelmed by the lighter sweetness. We fought over these!

We would recommend these pretzels as a treat to keep in the freezer for when you want a light, unique lunch, or a more filling afternoon snack. Handmade from scratch, these pretzels are made from premium ingredients, and you can taste it! 

Learn more about these preservative-free pretzels with no trans-fat or hydrogenated oils at

*Samples were received for this review.  Opinions are 100% mine.