Review of Shoe Buddies

My kids can read, make sandwiches, and get dressed by themselves.  I wasn't sure, however, if they could tie their shoes alone.  Does that make me a bad Mom?  Not really, because so many shoes have velcro or just slip on.  I hadn't even given my kids the chance to learn to tie!

We received Shoe Buddies as a way of helping with the times we put traditional "tie" shoes on our kids, and didn't want to have them tripping over their laces when out and about.  They don't require your child to learn how to tie to use them, but they leave the door open to having them wear shoes with laces -- for when you want to have them eventually learn.

Installing the Shoe Buddy is a cinch.  It isn't really an installation, at all!  Once on, they allow kids to slip on their shoes, tighten the laces to their level of comfort, and adjust the Shoe Buddy.  My favorite part of the process is that I never hear "Mom, you're making them too tight!" My kids can decide just how tight they want them.  I also like that, when in a hurry, kids won't try to force their feet into shoes by stepping on the backs (which ruins them.)  They can easily slide on all shoes with the Shoe Buddies.  No more ruined shoes!

These are a great tool for kids of all ages, anyone with difficulty tying, or for children and adults with disabilities.  They come in several styles, so you can choose ones that match your child's personality! (I love the Monster and Robot!)  Find out more at the Shoe Buddies website, their Etsy store, or their Twitter account!

*Sample received for review.  Opinions are my own.