Review of BistroMD Meal Service

I always thought that those frozen food delivery services designed to help you lose weight or achieve healthy goals were overpriced.  After all, some of them cost as much for a week of meals for one person, as I spend for my family of 7!  After having a chance to try BistroMD's "chef-prepared, doctor-approved" plan, however, I am starting to come around.  If I were a single person, someone who eats out frequently, or who needs to make a serious change to their plan -- and pronto! -- this would be a lifesaver.

First, I received a box of 5 days' worth of meals (15 in all).  They arrived in one foam cooler box on dry ice.  They were still fully frozen, and in plain-labeled containers.

I put them in my freezer right away, except for the next day's meals.  There was a Weekly Menu included, so I could see what days I would eat which meals.  (Note: I didn't follow this exactly.  Some days I was not home, so I ate them when I could.)

The directions for warming up were almost too simple.  You just took the tray out of the box (leaving the plastic intact) and stuck it in the microwave for the directed time.  (Times were provided for both frozen and thawed.)  In less than 5 minutes, my meal was done!

What did I think?  I was very surprised by a) the volume of food and b) the quality of ingredients.

There was almost too much food provided in each meal.  I shared tastes with my kids, and didn't ever feel hungry after eating.  Also, the ingredients were whole.  Fruits, veggies, and garnish was easily recognizable as real stuff -- not the pureed or processed stuff you usually see in some store bought frozen meals.  Some items were well-season, but very little salt (if any) was added.  You had to season your own, but that wasn't a problem (and it proves that this plan is a good choice for those watching their salt intake.)

Here is a sampling of those dishes that I tried - (yes, these are actual photos I took):

I enjoyed every single meal, with the exception of anything that had an abundance of spinach (which included many of the breakfast crepes.)  While I like spinach in moderation, I prefer it raw.  If you are a lightly-cooked spinach fan, however, you will find these dishes magnificent!  I also did not care too much for the turkey sausage, but that is a preference issue, as well.

My absolute favorite dishes included the fish meals (salmon and blackened tilapia), which were firm and void of fishy flavor.  The Pork Tenderloin in Asian Plum sauce was one of the best cuts of meat I've had in years, and the sugar snap peas were fresh, crunchy, and perfectly seasoned.  I couldn't get enough of the Waldorf apples in the breakfast dish, and both beef dishes were tender and and had a mild beef flavor (not gamy like some frozen meat dishes I've tried.)

I found that there was plenty of variety in my 5-day plan, with the exception of the spinach crepes.  They were served 3 of the 5 mornings.  This was almost worth it just to try the Stuffed French Toast, however.  I couldn't believe that you could make such a delicious toast from whole wheat!  I will have to try a version of this for the family, now.

If you are trying to cut back on high-sugar and fat convenience foods, or you eat out way too much, this may actually be more affordable in the long run. I can see this being a great gift for a new mom, as well.  (I hated to cook, so having healthy meals delivered to my door would have been a big blessing!)

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