Review of Jolly Rancher Crunch 'N Chew Candy

Do you want to know what my husband may find most annoying about me?  I chew my candy.  All the time -- even if it means the candy doesn't last as long, or I hurt my teeth in the process.

Have you ever tried chewing a Jolly Rancher candy, however?  Not a good idea.  Until now.

The new Jolly Rancher Crunch 'N Chew Candy is the best kind of candy.  It has a hard candy outside and a chewy, taffy-like inside.  It tastes just like the Jolly Ranchers you grew up with, but with that extra bit in the center that says, "Hey, we know you like to chew your hard candy... and it's OK."

The candy comes in a few fun flavors like cherry (my fave), green apple (which is super sour), watermelon, and blue raspberry (meh..).  If you have a favorite flavor from the originals, you'll like these versions even more.  Note that if these are stored in a less than warm area, they can be a bit too hard to "chew."  I wouldn't suggest eating them cold.

Check out this new candy in stores near you, or see the website and "Like" them on Facebook!

*Samples were received to review. Opinions are mine.  I would crunch these awesome candies, anyway.