Review of The Original Dish Drying Mat (#Giveaway)

Even though I have a dishwasher, it is often not working. With seven people in the house, it is safe to say I am almost always washing dishes.  One big problem that we've experienced in our house is where to put the dishes while they dry. I was using folded up dishtowels for years, and I found that they would get really stinky after just one or two loads -- it also used up so many towels that we really needed for our bathing.

When I received The Original Dish Drying Mat a few weeks ago, I really doubted that it would be much different than using my folded up towel.  I was wrong.

First, this thing never gets moldy.  Even if it sits all day with dishes on it, I can hang it up overnight, and it is good as new the next morning.  The few times that I have spilled something on it, or I just wanted to freshen it up, I pop it in the wash and dry it on no heat.  It is virtually idiot-proof.

The Original Dish Drying Mat comes in several colors, and it also comes in a larger size.  We make do with two of the original sizes side-by-side.  It allows me to fill an entire dish drying rack, as well as set out two dozen glasses to dry.  (Yes, I really do wash that many at a time.)

This product has essentially changed the way I dry dishes.  We no longer get a glass out of the cupboard and find it a little bit funky.  My silverware dries nicely, and my counter stays free of mildew.  I would highly recommend having one more on hand than what you will use at one time.

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*Schroeder & Tremayne, Inc. gave product to me to sample and share with my readers  Opinions are 100% my own.