Review of Alexia Frozen Foods

I love potatoes, and french fries are an admitted weakness for me.  I really like my fries, tots, and wedges crispy, so I indulge them in a bath of hot oil when I'm really wanting a crunchy final product.  Unfortunately, not only does deep-frying keep them from being as healthy as they could be, they can lose some of the flavors while swimming in the oil.

Alexia sent me some of their most popular all-natural products to try with my family, and I was amazed at the complexity of the flavors of their potato products, in particular.  My favorite item was the Waffle Cut Lemon Parmesan Potatoes, as they were completely different from any other "fry" I had tried -- plus they crisped up nicely in the oven.  (2 of the 5 kids weren't crazy about them.  They were a bit confused by the essence of lemon.)

I was also pleased to learn that Alexia offered flavorful french "garlic" breads!  The Garlic Baguette came with two in a package -- more than enough to feed my family.  Not only is the flavor one of the best I've tried with a convenience bread, it comes pre-sliced, so portions are controlled and the knife stays in the drawer.

Finally, the one item that was a hit with every member of the family was the Sweet Potato Puffs.  They are so sweet, they felt like they could have been a dessert!  We cooked them a bit longer to make them crunchy and to get some of the moisture out of them.  (Sweet potatoes can be mushy if not cooked very well.)  They really didn't go with ketchup, but were delicious on their own.

We continued to snack off the baking sheet long after we left the table.  Since the potatoes were so much more filling than white potatoes, we didn't need nearly the serving size initially.  (But you really couldn't stop picking at these treats.  They were even good cold!)

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*Samples received to review.  Opinions are my own.