Review of Rose Romano's Italian Pepper Topping

Red peppers.  It may be one of my husband's favorite flavors, and while I do like to add them to dishes, it's a pain to find unique ways to use them in dishes.

Rose Romano is a company that has, in my opinion, mastered the red pepper.  They have made a delicious gourmet topping from them that is sort of like a marinara.  If you are looking for a slightly different flavor for your dishes, you might find them as lovely as I do!  (Note that this is much less sweet and vinegar-flavored than traditional pasta sauces.  It tastes more natural than your typical jarred marinara.)

Here is our favorite way to eat this sauce -- with cheese sticks!

We recently served these at our opening game football party.  It was a cinch to warm up the sauce and allow our guests to dip into it; you could see big chunks of delicious peppers in every bite!

Find out more about this new product, now available from the Rose Romano's website. (You can also find yummy recipe ideas at the site!)

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*Samples receieved to review.  Opinions are 100% my own.