No-Cut DIY Duck Tape Skull and Crossbones Pumpkin Project

Have you checked out the various designs and prints that Duck Tape has available these days?  It's a bit crazy, if you ask me.  We decided to take advantage of all the licensed designs (like Spongebob and Nebraska Cornhuskers) to pick up some varieties to help us do some fun crafts down the road.  We also used the classic black and white colors to make a creepy skull and crossbones pumpkin --- no cutting required!

To make this spooky pumpkin, you'll need:

A large pumpkin
Skull stencil (or find an image from the internet and create your own)
One roll of black Duck Tape
One roll of white Duck Tape
Wax paper

Make sure your pumpkin is clean and dry before you begin.

1.  Wrap the pumpkin with black tape, going long-wise from the stem to the bottom of the pumpkin.  Use shorter pieces to fill in the gaps where tap doesn't overlap.

2.  Once the pumpkin is completely covered in black tape, you can start creating the white "skull" overlay. Cut a sheet of wax paper the same size or larger than your skull stencil.

3.  Cover the wax paper completely with strips of white Duck Tape, allowing them to overlap a bit.

4.  Place the skull template on the wax paper side of your Duck Tape "sheet" and secure it with a couple of pieces of scotch tape.  Now you can cut out your skull shape.

*SAVE TIME -- Since we first did this post, they have now come out with Duck Tape sheets

5.  Carefully remove the wax paper from the back of your tape "skull" -- it may be hard in places, so take your time.  You can now place the tape skull on your pumpkin!

6.  For a 3-D look, add "crossbones" by cutting out bone-shaped pieces from cardboard and covering them with the white Duck Tape.

Attach them at four diagonal points around the skull with black Duck Tape so that they appear to blend into the pumpkin at the ends.

You're done!

Do you have a creative idea for celebrating the Halloween season with Duck Tape?
We use lots of Duck Tape during the holidays, especially during Halloween.  Remember last year, when my husband used it to create realistic Duck Tape Halloween accessories for our boys?

Make this awesome skull and crossbones Halloween pumpkin using Duck Tape and some handy cutting skills!