How to (Easily) Freeze Green Onions

I have seen so many cute tutorials describing how to store green onions in the freezer.  Most of them involved using clean, empty water bottles -- but this method really didn't work so so well for me.  Here's my alternate method, which works well for those of us who like BIG pieces of green onion and aren't in the mood to mess with a funnel.

1.  Pick your green onion tops and put them in a bowl or colander to sort them.  (I usually find pieces of grass and other vegetation mixed in -- especially when the kids do the picking.)

You can then rinse them off, shaking out the excess water.  Place them on a paper towel or tea towel to dry a bit.

2.  Chop into small pieces.  (I really like larger pieces, but it will depend on how you will use them.)  Allow to dry completely before storing.

3.  Put the completely dry onions in a clean plastic concentrated juice canister and cover with a wide-mouth mason jar lid.  The lid should go on snugly, but will not be able to be tightened down (the jar won't have the threaded edges to hold it in place.)  If you want to secure with a rubber band, this will keep it together in the back of your freezer.

 4.  If you would like to store your onions for a much longer time than the 1-3 months that I use this method for, I would suggest storing them in a vacuum-sealed bag like the FoodSaver (review can be found here).  You can also try the empty water bottle method everyone's been talking about.  Two important tips to remember:
  • Your onions will have to be chopped finely to fit in the mouth of the water bottle
  • You will need a small funnel or a homemade one made from paper (shown below)

Sports drink bottles have wider mouths and are recommended over the water bottles.  (We don't drink them at our house, which is why I chose to go with the juice containers -- of which we have plenty!)

We have not had fresh green onions for a month, and I have enjoyed putting my frozen onions in anything cooked.  So far, they've been delicious in omelets and on top of homemade baked nachos!  What do you use frozen green onions for?