Holiday Drunken Spiced Rum Cake Recipe (With Shellback Spiced Rum)

Normally, I would do a proper review of any beverage I try at my house.  (The Shellback rums I received came in a beautiful box and just begged me to take my time tasting and taking notes.)  I am NOT, however, a rum expert.  I thought the spiced was delicious, but since I avoid too much hard liquor, I thought I might have a more thoughtful post to share via a baking experiment.

I dug up a pretty simple recipe for Holiday Rum Cake, based on the original at The Pioneer Woman.  The ingredients were simple (you likely have all but the rum on hand.)

You can see all the directions in detail at the original page, but you essentially grease and flour the pan, throw in some pecans and brown sugar...

Then pour in the cake batter (made from rum, yellow cake mix, eggs, water, and instant pudding.)  Bake slowly....

For the "glaze," cook the sugar and butter until boiling, then add in some MORE rum!

Now, you can pour that rum-filled awesomesauce all over your cake.  (Poke holes to get the cake all filled up!)

You now have one of the tastiest ways EVER to enjoy Shellback Spiced Rum, a super sassy rum with all the sugary goodness you'd want in a holiday liquor.  Mmmmm....

For more info on Shellback rums, visit their website (must be 21 to visit).  

*Samples received.  Opinions are 100% my own.  Drink responsibly!