A Lighter Option: Britax Roundabout 50 Classic Convertible Car Seat

We got our first convertible car seat last year.  I loved the idea of it because you could save money and space in the landfill by having one car seat for your infant through the toddler years.  Unfortunately, so many on the market are HEAVY!  You can barely lift them alone, much less with the base attached.  We tried out a sample of the Britax Roundabout 50 Classic Convertable Car Seat (now available at Walmart*), and there were a few perks to this seat that I was pleased about.

First, it's remarkably lighter than many on the market.  It's just as big (so no squeezing it in a tiny car along with two other kids in the same row), but it isn't such a pain to lug from car to car.  I also really liked that you can guide the seat belt through the back of the car seat without taking the entire car seat apart.  It's easy to move from my car to the Suburban for this reason.  Many car seats on the market require you to take the seat off of a base to do this.  (If you prefer to use the LATCH system, it's a cinch to set up and remove this seat.)

A few wish list items that I would love to see improved, however, are the cover and the straps.  The cover can't be removed without taking the straps out of the seat (which is a pain if you need to clean the seat in a hurry), and the straps aren't as easily adjusted as some of the seats with the knobs on the side.  However, it wasn't very difficult to figure out the straps and how to adjust them.  My 14-year-old actually showed me how to do it in 2 minutes (she was the one who read the directions.)

This seat is very flexible in the sizing guidelines, which is important when you have especially large or even tiny kids.  The backward facing features are safe for kids 5-35 pounds (and with the new guidelines that want babies facing the rear longer, many other seats on the market won't fit these guidelines.)  The forward facing features are good for toddler up to 50 pounds!

The charcoal color blends in well with any car interior. It's currently on rollback if you order online; you can get it for under $120!

As a participant in the Walmart Moms Program, I've received compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.