Sweet Halloween Treat: Butternut Squash Cookies (Vegan)

I love making treats, especially for holidays.  This Halloween, however, I wanted to break away from many of the recipe ideas I was seeing in magazines; they seemed to center around marshmallows, things dipped in chocolate, and goodies adorned with candy.  While all of these sound delicious, I have been trying to get my kids to eat healthier. As a nursing mom, I knew that changes to the snack regimen would benefit me and my baby, as well!

Since the garden and grocery stores are full of seasonal squashes, I thought it would be fun to give a butternut squash cookie recipe a try.  I found this delicious-looking cookie at BiteClubEats.com and had to give it a try.  I was SO surprised at how amazing it turned out -- not at all like something with squash in it!

Be sure to pick up a firm butternut squash for this recipe.  To easily prepare squash for baking, check out my previous Butternut Squash Ravioli post OR make it easy on yourself and pick up the Marketside pre-diced squash in the microwavable steam bag, only at Walmart!

I only made a few small modifications to the recipe (which you can see for yourself at the original site.)  I did use Cookwell "Bake" oil, as it is a healthy combo of canola and olive oil.  I also omitted the nutmeg, used 100% bleached white flour, and added chopped walnuts.

Whipping this up in my Kitchen-aid Stand mixer made it a 15-minute job.  Look at how bright and orange the batter is!

My husband was so surprised at how these fluffy, cakey cookies tasted.  They didn't have an aftertaste like some cookies made from veggies or squash.  Here is my son, enjoying one after a long day of helping his dad in the yard.  They are the perfect, cool-weather treat with amazing fall spice flavors!

I know that many kids are being invited to Halloween parties at school or church, and it may be hard to come up with a unique alternative to candy.  We aren't vegan, but as someone who has vegan friends, this would be a great dessert to bring to an event; everyone can enjoy them!  My son who hates butternut squash has eaten several of these cookies and has even requested that I make them for our own Halloween family event!