Easy Bleached T-shirt Project

T-shirts aren't exactly expensive, but finding unique ones that you can afford is nearly impossible.   My boys would always be seen wearing the same clothes as other kids their age.  I decided to see if I could use a Clorox Bleach Pen to lighten up some designs on a solid black tee.  I had no idea it would turn out so well!

To do this project, you just need a bleach pen, a black tee (or other dark color), and a stencil or pattern to draw. 

You can use a brand new shirt (unwashed) for this.  Simply lay the stencil where you want the bleached design to be, and use the fat end of the bleach pen to "color in" the stencil spaces.  If you decide to use the same stencil on various places on the shirt, be sure you wipe it off so that bleach residue doesn't transfer to areas you don't want bleached!

If you feel comfortable, you can also combine your stencils with a little freehand design....

Allow the bleach gel to dry.  If you are pressed for time, you can blot the bleach with a paper towel by pressing firmly on the design (being careful not to smudge it!  Use each towel only one time per "blot.)  You can also use a blow-dryer on the low setting to "heat seal" the bleach.  (Note: Anytime you use bleach products, be sure you have proper ventilation.  Open a window, or - better yet - do this project outdoors on a nice day!)

Now that the bleach has dried and the design is set, you can carefully rinse the shirt in warm water.  Put it under running water -- not into a basin of standing water.  Try to keep the rest of the shirt from being under the design as you rinse.  Any bleach residue in the rinse water could lighten the dark part.  .

After the shirt is rinsed, wring it out and put it in the dryer.  When it's dry, it's ready to wear!

We matched the shirts with some cheap, cotton camo pants from.  This was a cute, one-of-a-kind outfit  for just under $8 (excluding the cost of the bleach pen -- which we can use again and again.)  Marcus LOVES that he has clothing made for just him!