Moulin Roty's Child's Tool Kit from Magic Forest Makes Little Hands Happy!

Ever since my boys were very little, they have been interested in building things with their hands.  Some of their first toys were "baby" plastic hammers and nails.  They all had pretend tool kits.  They all loved pretending to build with their Dad.

But, there comes a time when they get too old for "toy" tools and are not yet ready for big tools.  This is the perfect time for a product like Moulin Roty's Child's Tool Kit --- a real working tool kit with wood and metal tools sized just right for a child's hands!

As you can see, these are no fake tools.  They can actually cut and work with very soft woods, cardboard, foam, and more!

As with all tools, you'll want to supervise your child.  It's for safety, but also so that you can direct and guide them in proper techniques.  This set is a great opportunity for kids to learn from their parents or older siblings!

This is just one of many high-quality, imaginative toys from Moulin Roty and offered by Magic Forest.  Visit the Magic Forest website to see what else they have brought to the U.S.! You can also purchase it here.