Review of Homeschool Diplomas from

This post was originally written in 2017. We still love!

I can't believe that my oldest daughter is a Junior in high school. We are already planning her graduation for next spring, and part of that includes presenting her with an Exclusive High School Diploma from I wasn't even sure that it would be something we would do, but I know that it was important to her. Getting the chance to review how easy it is to create your own, professional-quality diploma was a real blessing to us!

The diploma we got to review was easy to personalize. The site takes you through several screens to make sure everything is perfect. One thing that was difficult (but also very impressive) was how many options there were for your diploma. We didn't know if we wanted our school name, what kind of seal to pick, how to layout the design, and which cover style to choose. Thankfully, the site walks you through every option available, providing samples of what other parents may choose and giving you a preview of how it will all look in the end. They were very up-front about if any styles or features would cost extra, as well. No surprises with the price tag when checking out; what's not to like about that?

Here are photos of the beautiful work that they did for us. We went with a Latin phrase for our cover and diploma seal.

Every little detail was perfect, from the lettering...

to the ribbon trim on the corners.

We had the option of adding on a wallet-sized replica for carrying in her wallet for an extra fee. As a homeschool mom, I'm always concerned that people might ask about her status as a graduate. I had one of these when I grew up, so I wanted the same for her. It was affordable, and something neat to give as an extra gift come graduation time.

We also received some samples of graduation announcements and cards. They were beautiful! I would expect this kind of quality from a high-end print shop, so it was a nice to know that you can conveniently order your invitations, diploma, and other extras from one business.

Do you want to know what my favorite experience was in reviewing these? When the company called me at home to make sure that they had the spelling right on my diploma. Our homeschool is named after my grandfather, who is in Heaven, and is named Pleas Snow, Jr. called me to make sure it wasn't misspelled, which is common with a name like "Pleas." They also wanted to see if I needed the "Jr." spelled out (as in Junior High School). I clarified that it was written exactly as I wanted it, and they confirmed everything for me. It's good to know that a company has my back with an order that would have been devastating to mess up!

I am really happy with our experience from, and I look forward to ordering diplomas for all of my children from them when the time comes! Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!