Yummy Ways to Use Freeze Dried Strawberries

I have become a big fan of freeze dried fruits ever since trying Valley Storage strawberries. These berries store so easily and are ready to eat right out of the bag. But in addition to just snacking, I've had a lot of people ask me what other uses I love for them. Here are my favorite ways to use freeze dried strawberries, blueberries, and other berries.

1. In baked goods.

Most baking mixes use some form of dried berries. Therefore, it's very easy to upgrade a standard pancake batter mix, muffin mix, cake, or pie with some fresh berry taste. You don't have to reconstitute the berries before you add them in. If using 1/3 cup or less, just stir into the batter!

2. In cereal.

Those fancy flakes with the dried strawberries can be expensive at the store. That's why I like to buy generic cereals and give them a flavor and nutritional boost by topping with a couple spoonfuls of dehydrated strawberries at the time of serving. And there will no longer be fighting between the "berry camp" and the "no berry camp" in your house. Only those that love berries in cereal have to participate. You can also make your own strawberry oatmeal (like the kind you buy in the store) by adding berries!

3. In trail mix.

Most trail mixes use dried fruits, which can make hands sticky and even cause the mix to get soggy or stale. Trade out your typical dried fruits in mixes with freeze dried berries. The flavor is still there, and it keeps for a good long time!

We use freeze dried strawberries all the time at our house. See our favorite ways to incorporate these tasty and healthy foods!

4. In smoothies.

Most smoothies will still need frozen fruit or ice to be the right consistency, but adding in a few freeze-dried berries will bring lots of fresh flavor to your drinks!

5. Mixins for frozen yogurt and ice cream.

Who needs candy? When you can use naturally-sweet berries as a mix-in, ice cream will never be boring again!

If you weren't convinced that freeze-dried berries are a great staples to have on hand before, I'm sure you will now! They are light, store easily, and make a great addition to your emergency food reserves. They are handy to pull out and use in every day recipes, too! (My kids love snacking on them.)

You can get a bag (or two or three) of these freeze-dried strawberry slices from Valley Food Storage here.  (And thanks to the team at Valley Food Storage for providing me with some samples to try!)

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