Review of the Limited Edition Disney Incredibles 2 Adorra Maxi-Cosi Stroller and Car Seat

We haven't have a baby in the house in a couple of years, and so I get a little bit weepy when I do baby gear reviews. In fact, we usually don't do new ones unless we think it is something incredibly innovative. Life-changing, really.

That's why I'm super excited to share our experience putting together, storing, and using the new Maxi-Cosi Travel System in an amazingly adorable Incredibles 2 design. I have to admit, that when they sent the sample, I was convinced that nothing new could have happened from this brand that I already used with my kids. In fact, the newest item we have from them is just a few years old. The improvements, however, were more that noticeable. My husband kept saying "Why didn't they have this when we were having babies?"

Maxi-Cosi Incredibles 2 Stroller and Car Seat Review

Very Little Assembly Required

Let's start with the assembly. I have had some mixed results with putting together strollers. Either the directions are confusing, or I'm not sure which way the wheels go, or the pieces that are supposed to snap on don't. This stroller, however, was assembled in 2 and a half minutes. Read that again:

2 and a half minutes.

I did refer to the directions because I was not trusting my instincts, but the directions made so much sense. You literally unfold it, snap on the wheels, snap on the canopy, snap on the front bar, and add on any accessories (cup holder, etc.) The basic stroller is about five snaps. Everything goes into place easily, and there's no second-guessing if you've done it right. There is only ONE way for it to go together. The most difficult part of putting this together was taking the tape off the box and the stroller handle.

Next, the car seat. This is all ready to go out of the box, with the exception of adjusting it for your infant. I was super impressed with how comfy this was. Little tiny headrests are common for infant car-seats these days, but this was super plush. I wanted to crawl inside this thing and nap. Seriously.

The great thing about the system is that the stroller is sturdy, comfy, and ready-to-go for baby. But what if you wanted to keep baby in their car seat and stroll them? You can push two buttons and pull up on the stroller seat to lift it out. Then quickly add a connecting piece on each side (snap! snap!). Now it's all ready for you to gently set the car seat on. It's super seamless and quiet, too. No waking baby with aggressive wrangling or crazy loud "clicks!"

How Does It Work?

This stroller can be configured in a buggy set-up, so you can see your child. Note that, if using the car seat, you will have to use it facing your child. (Not that you wouldn't want to. I'm sure your kid is adorable.) The car seat only fits into the stroller facing the parent.

Did I mention that the entire system is cute, cute, cute with a pattern that would be great for baby boys or girls?

The construction of the material is sturdy and washable. I loved the basket at the bottom of the stroller (made with the same material as the sun bonnet). It's stiff enough to hold stuff in, but still allows you to fold the stroller easily. Big wheels in the back allow for good turning experience, even on gravel roads. The parking brake is easy to use, and the stroller handle extends. Yes, you tall people don't have to hunch over to push baby, anymore!

Where to Buy It

I could go on about this brilliant travel system, but you can check it out for yourself where Maxi-Cosi products are sold or order it from Amazon. It's almost made me want to have more babies. Almost.

*Sample received for review. Opinions are my own. No compensation was received for this post.