OComiCon 2018: The Biggest Little Fan Con Around (Omaha)

Are you a fan of Doctor Who, DC and Marvel Comics, Star Wars, vintage toys, short films, professional wrestling, fantasy fiction, cosplay and just about anything pop culture? Then, you've probably been eager to go to a Con -- and I don't blame you. They sound so exciting, don't they?

The problem is that Cons can be expensive, crowded, and difficult to navigate. The original Cons attract thousands of people at once, and charge between $25 - 125 just to get to speak to your favorite celebrities. This is why, if you live in the Midwest, you MUST check out the Omaha version of a Con: OComicCon

I took my 14-year-old to this event, and I was blown away. 2-day badges were reasonably priced, and the entire weekend cost us less than $100 for two people. We didn't buy optional artist signings, but this wasn't a problem, as many of the guest stars were just hanging around and more than willing to talk to people. My son met one of his idols, Bob Hall, as well as Alan and Gordon from Sesame Street!

There were comic artists that have worked for major comics, sharing tips on getting into the business, as well as those in their booth just starting out -- and with lots of stuff for sale!

We spent hours in sessions, asking questions of the creators. We cruised the expo hall, chatting with authors, filmmakers, painters, and toy resellers. It was such a great time just getting to know all of the exhibitors. The swag bag was even great, with a really well put-together program and goodies, such as free popcorn at the Alamo Drafthouse!

And, of course, we showed off my son's Blue Beetle Cosplay outfit, which he made 100% himself using materials he purchased and with skills he learned off of YouTube. While there was a costume competition, we decided to sit this one out. It was his first Con, and he really just wanted to learn from others and take in the atmosphere.

I'm definitely going to sign up for next year. Look for updates on their Facebook page and Twitter accounts. Last year, they had a special sale around the holidays. They just might do it again this time around. You can also sign up for email updates, or check out the fantastic photos of this year on their Instagram account!

See ya next year!