Super Teacher Worksheets Review: A Simple Homeschool Hack

Super teacher worksheets

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. 

Worksheets. Even if you decide that you're not going to use them in your homeschool, they always seem to become something you lean on. I've been homeschooling for 15 years, and I know the value of a good worksheet. 

That's why we've purchased a subscription to Super Teacher Worksheets for as long as I've known about it. This accessible site makes printing off a worksheet for just about any situation a completely effortless endeavor. 

Super Teacher Worksheets Review

When I was asked if I wanted to review this site, I jumped, because we are already members. It's a natural fit for our homeschool, and I believe that it could work for any home learning situation. The site itself is very easy to navigate, but here are some of the features that I love most:

  • Over 16,000 worksheets
  • Worksheet generator, for making your own math problems across all K-12 grade levels
  • Literature guides, which can be paired with reading children's old and new classics for reading comprehension and enrichment
  • Spelling lists, quizzes, and review
  • Art and craft ideas, often seasonally-related
  • Charts and mini-posters for science and civics concepts, like the life cycle of a frog or branches or government
  • Dozens of reading comprehension activities
  • Alphabet, phonics, and sight word lists and puzzles
  • Writing prompts and graphic organizers
  • Geography helps, like maps and state capital puzzles
  • Logic activities and brain teasers

There are also certificates and awards to help encourage your student and mark their accomplishments. These would be very useful for including in your student's portfolio. 

What we love about SuperTeacherWorksheets

Color by number.

Need I say more? Every single one of my kids have loved these worksheets. Whether they are just starting to identify numbers, or are counting objects, or are adding/subtracting/multiplying/dividing, the website gives you a good number of worksheets for each learning objective to choose from. 

Anytime I think the kids need more math practice (which is pretty much all the time,) I print one or two off. I also use these a an entertaining way to keep kids working quietly while I take a work call or edit my manuscript or just take a moment for myself! (The site calls these "math mystery" worksheets, if you're searching for them.)

Super teacher worksheets

Super teacher worksheets

Super teacher worksheets

But this is just one type of worksheet they offer, and I know that, if needed, we can access just about any topic or subject we choose.

SuperTeacherWorksheets Holiday/Theme Lessons

The front page of the website has a "slider" that scrolls through a few of the newer or updated worksheets available. One of these features is almost always a holiday or theme lesson. The site groups a bunch of worksheets with a similar theme together for easy printing. 

These are very reminiscent of the worksheets I did as a kid (some of the only ones I remember enjoying.) Themes include Father's Day, Earth Day, and Dr. Seuss Day!

Super teacher worksheets review

Lots of holidays to choose from!

Super teacher worksheets review

Each activity can be viewed, saved, or printed. There's also a "CC" button for a pop-up explanation of how the worksheet fits Common Core standards --if that's something you check for. 

We also use the math worksheets generator quite often for math review. Whenever I sense my kids getting rusty with math facts, I quickly generate the worksheets. Answer keys are included!

How we use it 

While this site has so many options for incorporating worksheets into your existing curriculum or for creating your own curriculum from scratch, we use it for one reason -- TIME.

With six kids, time is always hard to manage, and I often need some busywork for the kids. I could put them in front of the TV or grab a tablet or have them read yet another book, but this site makes it simple to just pick a worksheet with a theme of something they are already working on (or something they want to discover) and click "print." There's no scanning or looking for a workbook we set somewhere or consulting my teacher's manual.

Some of our favorite activities includes the reading comprehension passages, math mystery worksheets and activities, and the social studies worksheets that reinforce maps, state facts, and landmarks. 

With so many options, you can use this resource for years and years. An annual subscription is one of the best items I have in my work-at-home, homeschooling success toolkit.

Super Teacher Worksheets Review Summary

This site is a well-rounded worksheet resource for those who don't have time to scour the internet or buy multiple workbooks and printable worksheets packs. It's suitable for both secular and faith-based homeschoolers, with an optional feature to see how each worksheet would align with Common Core requirements. 

Worksheets for just about any subject or topic are available in grades Pre-K - 6, and this site could make an excellent supplement to your existing curriculum -- or possibly even be a stand-alone option for some subjects, like literature, spelling, and art. 

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