How to Save Money On Homeschooling with (A Review)

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I get asked about the fastest way to homeschool every day. Usually, I recommend a boxed curriculum, which happens to be one of the greatest things about the Ultimate PreK-12 Annual membership. In today's review, I'll share how to get started with one low price for every student in your household. (You won't need to buy additional books or courses or materials, either!)

What's in a Online Curriculum Membership?

What do you get with your subscription? Depending on whether you purchased the Ultimate PreK-12 Annual Membership (recommended), you'll get access to a variety of online classes, some in printable format to be used offline and others that open up in a video window for your child to watch completely online.

Each course comes with a preview, so you can see what's involved before you decide. There are complete lesson plans for each, as well, to help you know how many activities or videos to do each day and also see how the course will fit into your daily lives. Since planning is often where homeschoolers get tripped up, this is what I see as a HUGE advantage to using

Here's an example of the different science curriculum options available for different levels:

Of course, you can access any of the courses at any level. If you buy your curriculum in a box and decide you want to do a more challenging or easier science course, you can! But you can also access just the grade level courses that are recommended. Each "box" is a complete curriculum!

Much more than all the courses

Homeschool families also get access to printable planners of all kinds, including those with basic layouts that just let you record your progress each day. There are more involved planner sheets, including those with chore lists and meal plans and even household appointments. If you have no idea how to get started using any of the courses, resources, or lists, you only have to check out their support tools. There doznes of articles and guides to show you how to best use the materials on the site.

Each yearly membership also gets you access to some neat paid tools, such as RightNow Media, a Christian entertainment and educational hub with a video library, movies, and more. You'll also get World Book online access, which includes research sources and an encyclopedia. We've used this for our debate club assignments many times! 

Pro tip: Be sure to sign up for emails from the site! When you first get started, you'll receive some handy tips to remind you of all there is to enjoy and what to do to make the most of your membership. School Boxes Homeschool Curriculum

If you're looking for an all-in-one curriculum kit for a particular grade, look no further than! New homeschoolers, especially, find a curriculum in a box solution to be the fastest way to start homeschooling, since you don't have to pick through publishers and find the just right option. Here's how to get a curriculum box from the site:

1. Join. You can pick between the "Ultimate" for all grades or just the Pre-K through 8th option.

2.  Select the School Boxes tab, and choose your grade level.

3. Start choosing what courses you want to use! You can choose to do all of the courses in the kit, or just a few. (I recommend doing just one to start if it's your first year homeschooling, then slowly add in new courses as your child gets adjusted.)

4. Get help if needed. There's a handy FAQ with many answers to your questions, such as "Do I need to buy additional textbooks?" (Hint: The answer is "no." You get everything you need in this one purchase.)

What if you need more than one boxed set? You can access as many sets as you want, and it's included in the original price. Yes, you'll want to be sure to order the "Unlimited" membership option if you have kids in higher grades, but even if you have five kids at home, you can download the materials for all five kids and never pay another dime for the year. It's a super affordable way to get your homeschool plan done and ready for even those with very limited resources.

The site offers a variety of teaching modes (videos, printables, etc.) to support multiple learning styles. All the classes come unlocked, so you can preview lessons and see what your child will be learning before they start.

Schoolhouse Teachers Review Summary 

Final verdict: The Old Schoolhouse Magazine has been a staple resource for homeschooling families like mine for years. We look forward to the articles and guidance in getting kids of all ages through their homeschool career. I trust them, so it makes sense that they would expand their expertise and network of homeschool supporters into a full online learning hub. 

Schoolhouse Teachers comes with access to:

  • Over 400 online, self-paced courses with lesson plans

And it's priced per family. So even the biggest households won't pay more than the $30 per month or so for all tools and courses. This is a incredible value if you like learning online. is the site that homeschool moms and dads need to check out. It's best for Christian families looking for a one-stop-shop for your upcoming year. It's also vital for all those "add-ons" your kids will eventually come asking for. Whether you want to give them a semester of Spanish or get them learning about media and culture. there is likely a class already created and ready to use on the site. One price gets you access, too!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Christian?

The owners and most creators of the programs are Christian. While not all courses include faith principles in the learning, parents should assume that they will and can come up. The resource is best for homeschooled families with the Christian faith of any denomination and will include many more references to the Bible, God, etc., than a secular curriculum.

Is Schoolhouse Teachers for high school students? offers courses for high school students as part of its higher-priced Ultimate Membership for K-12 grades. It also offers a plan for just K-8th graders. Both plans are billable monthly, quarterly, or annually, with the most savings offered for annual plans.

What materials do I need to buy to use with Schoolhouse Teachers?

Schoolhouse Teachers is an online program that offers all the lesson plans and instruction materials for the entire K-12 experience, such as video lessons, printable files, and lesson plans. Parents will need to provide a computer to view and plan lessons, a printer for printing out worksheets, pen, paper, and some additional reading materials. Books for additional reading can be found from the library to help lower the overall cost. Most courses can be done with just the material provided with membership.