Two New Toys for Spring: All Pro Passer and LaserX

We received both of these fun toys to try. Opinions are our own!

So, it's that time of year when you do what you can to get your kids outside. Can you do it? I think having the right toys helps. We have been trying to get our kids throwing the football around more, but it can be a challenge when there is just one kid out there or a smaller kid that can't throw very well.

That's why the All Pro Passer Robotic Quarterback was a really great addition to our family's outside toy collection. This cool football has a special end that you stick on the "pump." Kids pump up the ball to the level indicated on the base, then press the play call of their choice. Then, stand back! With a super-powerful passing function, the ball is projected into the air. Kids have to run to get it!

This products takes C batteries, so be sure you have some on hand (not included.) It is durable, versatile and available at and We were really impressed with the power of this toy. While the football is lighter and smaller than a typical football, it does help kids develop hand-eye coordination and get them outside playing and having fun!

The next toy we tried this spring was the new LaserX Long Range Blaster Set. We already have a few of these toys, and they have lasted years and years. We love to play with the various models together, as they are compatible. This particular model has super bright rainbow lights that you can switch to the color of your choice and get some very cool play time out of during the night. (They also work in the day!)

You won't need to use the vest or accessories, as the laser shooters themselves capture the shot. These are larger than previous versions, making them fun for kids who want to imagine they are handling much larger laser weapons. They also have everything you need to start (just get batteries), as they include two blasters, so you can set up two teams and play right away!

Designed for older kids of all ages, this is one that we can see using all year-long!

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