Kidpik Review: Fashionable kids clothing - Simplified!

Kidpik review

For most of my children's lives, I bought their clothes. It wasn't that they didn't care about how they looked; it was just that I could pick things out for them at a good price. They would get the looks they loved - and more of them - than if they went into a store and picked out one thing they really adored at full price.

And then things got complicated. I had 5 boys to shop for, little time, and even less budget to work with. We had no way to reasonably use hand-me-downs, since all of my youngest kids were slimmer than the older kids were at that age. Nothing fit for more than a kid or two.

So, here I was with Manny, our youngest, needing some new clothes. And he didn't have a style. All he wanted was t-shirts with cats on them. (That worked for hanging around the house, but when we went out to events, I wanted him a bit more put together.)

That's when I was offered the chance to discover the beauty of Kidpik with some samples! This subscription-style clothing retailer had so many cute trends to try, but with none of the guesswork. I was given the chance to try a box of pre-selected items for Manny, and I wasn't going to turn it down.

(Note: It's been well over a month since this review. The items are still very impressive. If you haven't tried your first Kidpik box yet - now is a great time to give it a try.)

What is Kidpik?

Kidpik is an online clothing, shoes, and accessories store for kids sized 2-16. They offer items for boys and girls, as well as husky and slim builds.

This online store prides itself on making shopping a breeze. You can buy anything from the site, and it will pretty much go with anything else on the site. It's a great way to keep building a wardrobe without worrying about how your new items will work with older items.

Our Kidpik Review

Shopping for Manny was a cinch. I chose his size and one of the several "personalities" available for the boxes. I chose the Big Brain Wonder, because it had a nice selection of things he could wear to parties or church or even a casual wedding. The items seemed comfy, and I like the potential to layer items in a "mix-and-match" manner. 

It was just one of many different styles available, and some came with extras, like accessories.

Choosing to buy Kidpik subscription boxes

The box we ordered was just one way to shop, however. If you want to have a stylist pick out items for you, take advantage of their personalized shopping service. There's no additional styling fee to have someone choose items just for your kid. They offer free returns on the entire order, or just individual items. (You get a discount if you keep all the items.) And you don't get sent shipment after shipment. You can order just a single box and then order again when you're ready.

This clothing subscription option is in addition to ordering from the site I shopped. Both sites are Kidpik sites, offering two ways to shop based on whether you want to pick your looks - or you want someone else to help. Honestly, some people love surprises, so I can see the appeal of both ways. 

Kidpik reviews

(That brings me to a very important note about Kidpik: they understand "sensory issues." When taking the 3-minute style quiz to participate in the styled boxes, you can opt for pants with no clasps or buttons. This is a big deal if you have a child who can only do elastic waist pants. They had a nice assortment of clothing items - even jeans and dressy pants - that didn't have buttons or sharp snaps. This is a game-changer for us. )

Is Kidpik any good?

Our Kidpik box, when it arrived, had a polo, sweater vest, flannel, a pair of jeans, and a pair of chinos, plus a bracelet. We admittedly haven't worn the bracelet yet, because my son doesn't usually like the feeling of jewelry.

Everything was very thick and durable, and I immediately noticed that the items could all be worn any number of ways with no concern for "matching." This means Manny can grab a shirt (or two) from his dresser and a pair of pants and know that he can go out with whatever he chooses. We can leave the cat shirts behind.

How did the clothes fit? He found one of the pants a bit long, so I rolled up the legs. I think they fit true to size; he's just a bit on the short side. I like that we will get another season of wear out of these, and the fabric quality means they should last that long.

The box also came with a mix of long sleeves and short sleeves, which matters a lot to my kid who seems to always be cold. The flannel was thicker than some shirts for kids I've purchased in the past. My other kids commented on how stylish Manny looked but also how the material was on part with name brand clothing. 

How durable is Kidpik clothing? 

We have washed them several times, with them only getting softer (but not thinner). We had an incident with some sauce, but with the stain treatment, the stain came right out. So all the clothes earn high marks for washability.

Finally, we didn't pay for this box of clothes (thanks, Kidpik), but we did notice that the prices are competitive with other clothing retailers. It's not as cheap as a big-box discount store, but it's more budget-friendly than a boutique or high-end retailer that sells "matchy" outfits. So, for someone who watches prices, this store is an ideal fit.

Is Kidpik legit?

Would we shop Kidpik again?

I think so! I've been back to the website since our review, and I see many more cute Kidpik outfits that my son would like. I know that if I pick out another shirt, for example, they'll go with the pants I bought. Or, I could purchase an entire box again; all the pieces would work with what he has!

They also seem to have a nice Clearance section for even more affordable items, with some deeply discounted items not eligible for returns. (Read the details before you order.) All of the items are just so soft and well-made.

The only thing we didn't love about Kidpik was the tags on the clothing. I realize that this is kind of a nitpicky thing, but my son's sensory issues make it difficult for him to wear clothing with tags. I know that high-end clothing manufacturers almost always include tags, and if you want to resell or hand-down clothes, tags are great; they seem to last longer than the printing on no-tag clothes.

That said, it was easy to snip the tags from my son's shirts. They aren't bigger or more notable than other tags; just the fact there were there was enough for him. Problem solved and really no big deal for an otherwise great clothing line. 

Note: Do get on their mailing list for sales. This business frequently runs promotions that bring the cost down even further. The shipping is pretty quick, so you can still stock up for the holidays and have your kid looking good for whatever church or family events you have going on.

Kidpik reviews online

When searching for other customer reviews, I did run across some that were dissatisfied with their subscriptions, but they seemed to be older reviews and didn't reflect the way we shopped. Based on our experience, we wouldn't be hesitant to put in more Kidpik orders, although I'm not typically a fan of subscription boxes. I think having some control over what we get is important.

Buying the pre-styled boxes, where I can see what we get, is the best blend of having style help and still approving our order in advance. Read reviews with discernment. We have been pleasantly surprised and would definitely shop there again. 

Visit the Kidpik website to start browsing styles. The company also offers select items on AmazonBe sure to look for big sales during the holidays. Some items are 50% off or more!