Any other bloggers out there?

Ok, so I am experimenting with different ways to publish my Blog, and it comes to my attention that there are many different products and websites out there for bloggers, especially parent bloggers like myself. Every once in a while, I will review one of these services, along with other web services, and will share my findings.

Today I took a look at a site called Blogsvertise. While it is tricky to spell, and even more difficult to pronounce, Blogsvertise looks to be promising. Offering payment for mentioning sites within articles and product reviews, Blogsvertise may be a way for small and beginniner bloggers to earn something off of their blogs.

I will update you on the program as it progresses! In the meantime you may check it out yourself, or if you have experience with Blogsvertise, leave a comment! Thanks, and good luck with your blog!

UPDATE: Yes, people, Blogsvertise is for real. Just a member for a few days, I have already received writing assignments for my blog that they will pay real cash for (or Paypal anyway.) Please visit if you are interested in doing "reviews" or just chatting about various subjects under the some for some extra chicken scratch. Click the link to get started!